Attic Mold Removal Services

 Attic mold can hold up the sale of a home.
Homeowners don't usually notice it until it's pointed out by a building inspector.
And they don't call an inspector until they're getting ready to sell or buy a home. This leads to costly delays.

The reasons why mold may begin to grow in an attic;
  • Too much humidity in Attic from the HVAC system humidifier

  • Insufficient soffit venting (from the eaves)

  • No attic Ridge venting (at the roof peak)

  • Inadequate Attic gable venting (side vents)

  • Not enough insulation (poor thermal envelop)

  • Clothes dryer venting into the attic (source for high humidity)

  • No bathroom vents, so humidity builds in attic (source for high humidity)

  • Bathroom vents into attic (not above the roof line)

Attic Mold Removal Fast Safe and guaranteed
​​Ventilation is the Key to Mold Prevention:

Incoming air to Attic : The most effective way for air to enter the roof is through vents that are placed in the soffits along the eves. Continuous strip vents provide the most reliable ports as well as rectangular vents

(if enough are installed).

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