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Attic Mold Removal, Mold Remediation Long Valley NJ


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The reasons why mold may begin to grow


Attic Mold Removal, Mold Remediation Long Valley NJ


Where to Look for Mold in Long Valley Homes
Mold grows on organic materials, such as paper, dirt, wood and soap scum. Mold grows on moist materials, so mold growth is likely in areas wet by water leaks, flooding, humidity levels above about 60 percent and condensation. Any flooded area that was not completely dried within about one day is likely to have mold growth. Walls need to be opened and rapidly dried to prevent mold growth. Any area that is stained from water should be examined for mold growth. Peeling paint may be an indication of wet walls. 

Moisture seeping through concrete walls and floors will cause moist conditions likely to cause mold growth on or in walls, carpeting and materials stored in the basement. Mold often grows under cabinets, behind base-boards, inside walls, in carpet padding and under vinyl wall coverings.


An unvented clothes dryer creates a very humid, warm environment conducive to mold growth. Closets may have mold growth if clothing is damp or if there is a cool outside wall in the closet. Also, there is a chance mold might be growing behind furniture, particularly against an outside wall.


Mold will not normally be found in furnace or air-conditioning ducts unless they were flooded because the heated or air-conditioned air is very dry.


Moisture coming through a basement floor or wall may deposit a light-colored salt and other minerals that are sometimes thought to be mold. The deposits should quickly dissolve and disappear when wet with water if they are a salt. 

Mold Removal Services:
Toxic and black mold clean up Long Valley NJ.
Black mold and toxic mold removal Long Valley NJ.
Attic and basement mold removal services Long Valley NJ.
Carpet and upholstery issues related to mold and mildew.
Long Valley Mold mitigation and repair in apartments, office buildings and other structures.

Mold testing services:
Long Valley NJ Basement mold testing.
Mold testing for apartments and townhouses in Long Valley NJ.
Long Valley Black mold and fungi testing due to flood and water damage.
Toxic and black mold within walls, crawlspaces and living areas.
Indoor air quality testing necessary for real estate transactions Long Valley NJ.

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